Day 3: Tackle Your Christmas Card List

Day 3

Today we’re going to address and sign our Christmas cards. And if you’re up for the challenge, try writing a short and sweet personal message for the recipient. Having this on our advent calendar serves a couple of purposes: 1) It helps us earn a big old “D” for done on this item that sometimes lingers on our to-do lists during the holiday season and 2) Because it’s on the list, let’s make it a little fun.

A couple of my favorite books in high school were Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Without getting too spoilery, one of my favorite scenes in the second book involves Bridget breaking into a bottle of wine, getting a little tipsy, and completing her Christmas cards. There was a stark difference between the ones she started at the beginning of the evening and the ones that were done at the end. I like to relieve this for myself (though I limit myself to one bottle of wine instead of two or three like dear Bridget), because 1) it passes the time more pleasantly and 2) it’s like Christmas card roulette for my friends. Most of them know I’m powered by wine on this venture, and they get to guess how many glasses I had by the time I wrote their message.

If you’re not a wine (or booze in general) fan, that’s okay. Pour yourself a glass of egg nog, or a hot chocolate, turn on some Christmas music and go to town. The power of sugar is nothing to scoff at!

And while it’s a little late for this year, here’s a tip that can help you save a few bucks when it comes to Christmas cards: Buy them on December 26. You’ll still find tons of cute designs, but you’ll get them for a fraction of the cost. Then pack them away with your Christmas decorations, and when you pull them out again next year, you’ll be so excited to see those cards sitting at the top of the pile.

If you’ve already completed your Christmas cards for the year–or don’t really want to do a whole pile–I’d suggest hand-crafting a few cards or tags to include on the presents when it comes time to wrap them. It’s a fun little DIY project, and it adds a little something special to those gifts.

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