Day 5: Make Homemade Ornaments

Day 5

One of my favorite holiday pastimes that has stuck around since childhood is making homemade decorations. It was always a thrill at school when our December arts and crafts projects turned out to be something gluey and glittery that I could take home to share with my family. And I still have fond memories of getting to create fancy decorations at our church’s winter program. That’s how our family made a nativity scene for our window sill (complete with a barn and manger), and it was always fun to put it on display year after year.

While I have a fabulous collection of Christmas ornaments carefully selected year after year, there’s something extra special about having something you made fresh for the season on display. Plus, it’s just a super fun experience. I make paper snowflakes every year and cover all of my windows with them. I typically leave these up well into February, because that’s when we tend to have more snow here in Nebraska anyways–so they get good use.

As a bonus, sometimes you can take that decoration and put it to a bonus of use, like making bows or decor for the gifts you’ll be giving to family and friends.

Whether you’re making them with your friends or kids or on your own with a glass of wine and a Hallmark movie on the screen, making decorations is a great experience.

I’m not 100 percent what route I’m going to take for making my homemade Christmas decorations, today, but I’ve spent the year compiling a list of projects I might like to tackle. They include:

I also bought some clear, empty ornaments this fall, and I’m looking forward to putting some puppies into use. I’ll be sure to share my results on Instagram later today. What kind of decorations are you hoping to make this year?

Don’t forget to share your results on social media using #grownupadvent. Want to connect? Find me on Twitter @lmchap and Instagram @lmchap614.

New to the page? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to make merry. View the archive to see what we’ve done so far and play catch-up.


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