Day 6: Try a Traditional Dish or Custom from Another Culture

Day 6

I can’t remember exactly what grade it was, but sometime in elementary school, we had an international theme for our annual holiday program. We celebrated Christmas and holiday traditions from around the world with songs, foods, crafts, and more from around the world. Each class focused on a specific country, and we learned about their local traditions. Then, during the program, we shared it with the rest of the school.

My class was assigned Sweden. We learned about the Saint Lucia ceremony, the kinds of decorations they put on their Christmas trees, and we heard about something called dried codfish. For the program, my mom made me a red and white dress and braided my hair. (I even had ribbons braided into it, which I loved.) For ornaments we tied pieces of red ribbon around strands of straw.

After spending weeks learning about Sweden’s culture, it was exciting to share it with others. And in return, our friends taught us about traditions around the world.

So today, I’m encouraging myself–and all of you–to do a little research and learn more about Christmas traditions around the world. Pick one of them–maybe it’s a decoration, a dish, or an activity–and work it into your day. I can’t wait to see what each of us comes up with.

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