Day 10: Reconnect with a Friend

Day 10

Where does the time go? I swear, it was just January and now we’re here getting ready to start a new year.

In our crazy busy lives, sometimes it’s hard to make time for our oldest and dearest friends. It’s so easy to say, “I’ll call her tomorrow” or “I’ll shoot him a text later.”

So today’s the day we stop saying tomorrow or later. Ask a friend you’ve lost touch with out for drinks. Or just give him or her a call and play a little life catch-up. Even a long, personal email or letter is great if you don’t have the ability to have a call or night out.

And while you do this catching up, try spending a good chunk of the time listening rather than talking. This is more of a reminder for myself. (I’m so good at rambling on and on when I get a chance.) One of the greatest gifts you can give a person is being a good listening and hearing what they have to say.

Don’t forget to share your results on social media using #grownupadvent. Want to connect? Find me on Twitter @lmchap and Instagram @lmchap614.

New to the page? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to make merry. View the archive to see what we’ve done so far and play catch-up.


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