Being a grownup comes with plenty of responsibility that doesn’t always spell merriment and fun. There are work deadlines, programs and parties to attend and a million other distractions. It’s easy to lose sight of the spirit of the season.

That’s where Grownup Advent comes into play.

Join us for twenty-four days of celebrating the season. Check back every day to discover what you will do for the day. Feel free to personalize the day’s activity to fit your budget and brand of fun. The purpose of Grownup Advent is to enjoy the season, so make it your own.

Share your experience and view what others are doing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #GrownupAdvent.

The Story

Grownup Advent was a personal project created by Laura Chapman in 2014 as a way to make every day of the Christmas season a little brighter. After receiving feedback from friends, she created this website in 2015 as a way to share the calendar with others who want to add spirit to their own holidays.

Now Available

Read the story inspired by Laura’s experience with a Grownup Advent Calendar: Making Christmas, a holiday novella now available in All I Want for Christmas. No, Laura didn’t meet herown Everett while living out this advent calendar, but she did have a lot of fun making merry.

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